On Pause

Hi guys! I am sorry I haven’t been around lately. Our lives are facing some new changes. I am going to push pause on Simply Four for a bit. But I will still stopping by Facebook and Instagram for posts on the girls, but as for the blog, maybe someday soon I will come back with something new and improved.

I just want to thank you all for sticking around, reading about the ups and downs and watching the girls grow up. A lot of you have been around since the beginning and I appreciate you all.




The other night at dinner Kaili had told me she finished all her hot dog. I told her she could grab her Halloween candy and pick something for a treat. Once the candy was ingested I went over to the table where I noticed a rather large amount of hot dogs on Averi’s plate. I knew that I never gave her that much so when I asked Kaili about it, she admitted she put her food onto sisters plate. Little sneaky shit.

We decided to battle the crowds at Balboa Park for December nights last Friday. The International houses were open and serving a few of their countries delicacies. As much fun as it would have been to linger longer and try more food, the amount of people with two little kids is an anxiety attack waiting to happen. I have learned that the older I get, the more I hate crowds and especially lines.

We really didn’t get much out of the experience aside from the girls going on a few overpriced carnival rides, free entry to a couple museums and a visit with Santa.



We ended up leaving the park for a proper dinner and found ourselves at a very unpretentious old and quaint Italian restaurant for dinner called Volare. I haven’t been really excited about a meal out in a long time. Shane might tell you I order wrong but I just think I have become a tad snooty with my food. However, I did not order wrong here and everything I tried was delicious. We were not disappointed and I can’t wait to return.



Dark Thirty

All of the sudden it’s dark after lunch and Thanksgiving is a few days away! To sum up the past month or so, Kaili turned 6 1/2 and lost a tooth. The girls had a great Halloween, we remodeled our bathroom and the adults got away for a few days.

Averi went as Sheriff Callie at school and then Poppy at night. Kaili went as Moana and the wig was off in 5 minutes, followed by the shoes.

IMG_0321IMG_0256IMG_0222 2DSC_0502 2

We decided it was time to reno our bathroom. I do miss the window but I love my new shower, it turned out just as I had enivisioned.


Shane and Wags went up to Seattle to see the Seahawks play the Redskins. That next Monday morning we all met in Arizona at a house we rented through VRBO.


This was my spot for the week if I wasn’t in the pool.


There was plenty to do in the house but since the weather was perfect we spent the majority of the time outside.

Wednesday we went near the stadium for some drinks. The bar was featuring  a meet n greet with Richard Sherman’s parents and Wags met his mom. We had a fun night.


Kaili’s loose tooth waited until I was back home to fall out. That night was anxiety filled and she had a very hard time falling asleep. Loose tooth number two is  getting close, fingers crossed it’s an easier night.


Now it’s time to prep for Thanksgiving while keeping two kids entertained. Wish me luck.


Call it a Comeback

I apologize for my absence, it really hits you how boring life is when you have two kids in school. OR how AWESOME it is. I kid, I kid, sort of….

Averi finally picked up the whole potty situation, with a few here and there oopsies. She is in school four days a week and loves it. We had her first field trip to the Children’s museum and she had a blast.


The amazing thing about Averi is she is very independent. She made her way through the museum doing her thing and didn’t worry about anyone but herself.


I want to be like her when i grow up. Free and not giving a shit!


Kaili has been doing great in first grade and she loves going to school each and every day.


Her interest in cooking is emerging and I love it.


These two keep me on my toes every single day. They are smart, funny and just plain awful sometimes….It’s not funny if it’s not real, right.






Potty Training

Its been about two weeks with Averi in panties during the day. We have had minimal accidents with each day getting better and this morning is the fourth day she has woken up dry. Potty training Kaili was a whole other ball game, after a few days it just clicked and diapers were history. Averi hasn’t had that “moment” yet, it just gets better day by day. She needs to be reminded and I am not convinced we are out of accident territory but Monday is the day, she will be starting preschool! “Hi, I would like you to meet Averi, or as I like to call her, your problem now.” – Me, Monday morning.


Kaili is enjoying school but has mixed feeling about running club. This pre-class activity has not yet found it’s rhythm. Basically school assistants gather the 1-5th graders and have them run/walk around the school yard until the bell rings, aka 10 minutes. I thought for sure it would help me with bed time but that has not proven to be the case.

Knock on wood, it seems the girls are getting more friendly play time together opposed to just screaming at each other, it’s the little things.  It will be a fun transition to watch Averi grow into a preschooler and see how it changes her behavior at home. Hopefully that means better listening and falling asleep as the light goes out, a mom can hope, right?




Moving to First

We spent the the last weekend before school with our neighbors at our annual block party. Snow cones, games, food and even a movie under the stars.  I made too much food considering it was a pot luck but I couldn’t decide on just one dish, hashtag first world problems.

Chrissy Teigen’s roasted jalapeño and chorizo queso is good enough to put in the extra work, try it if you haven’t. I also made this Tomato tart but instead of puff pastry I made a basic pastry crust. This dish was a hit! I also, ahem, made these…The only reason I have a picture is because I made these early in the day, before I was swimming in ingredients minutes before the party started.


Eating, drinking and talking until the sun went down, it was fun to catch up with neighbors we haven’t seen in awhile aside from the casual wave from the car, and having longer convos with the ones we are closer with.


IMG_8631 copy 2.jpgIMG_3168

When the sun went down we played beer pong under the lights while the kids watched Moana projected on to the side of our house.


As the night went on the crowd got smaller and just a few of us capped the night off in front of the fire pit. It was another great day, we are really lucky for all of our great neighbors.

A hot minute later it was time to walk Kaili to school for her first day of first grade.


She got the teacher she hoped for and found out her best friend will be along side her.


She had a successful first day or I should say first week. She is still eager to go on Tuesday. I’d say that is a great start.


This is Three

Averi has been three for a month now, i guess we can agree this post is a taaaad over due.

I really intended on posting about the party JoAnne had for her in Walla Walla. But since I am so behind, let’s do the Cliff notes version.She had a Trolls cake, got a Trolls back pack that she can not wait to take to preschool, and she is obsessive over her “new” blue Hydroflask.


I attempted potty training a few weeks back and that was a big fail. Long story short, she is stubborn. Can she pee in the toilet, yes. But she will do it when she wants to. I am really hoping that she decides she wants to do it all the time, very soon.


Since then we have just been enjoying the amazing weather. We spent a few days playing in Orange county and are currently ending the week in Oxnard. We have been roughing it at the beach and pool everyday. The girls are getting to the age where everything is a little easier. I can watch from the lounge chair instead of hovering over them, it’s a nice change.


The girls and I hit up the Ventura harbor one morning and had ice cream for brunch. For dessert I took them to the arcade/carousel where we played games and Kaili hit some sort of ticket Jackpot and won 1,000 tickets. We brought cheap toys back to the hotel with us, pretty sure the dolls arms are missing and the pegasus wings are gone. But days at the pool and beach are nice, everything we need is within reach, well with a hefty price but….


School starts up here in another week or so, got to soak up every last drop of summer.