About Me

Hi! I’m Kim, thanks for popping in. I have two beautiful girls that were hard earned and a husband who is my bestie, probably because he is gone a lot. Life is good and hard but mostly fun.

A little about me.. Foodie, gawd doesn’t that sound SO yesterday?…is there another word for someone who hearts cooking, reading about cooking, looking at pictures of food and of course eating food ALL THE FOOD? Cooking is a huge hobby of mine, I like to say I make a new dish each week, sometime it happens, wine helps. I have a handful of cooking classes under my belt and have watched countless hours of cooking shows, so basically I am a professional.

Travel is another one of my favorite things to do but now with two young kids our destinations have been closer to home and usually involve wineries, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plans, we do. Still a lot of the world left to see.

We are big fans of wine.  We do our fair share of wine tasting drinking . We tend to play favorites, California and Washington varietals being what we spend the most money on. Hashtag drink local.

“I’ll believe it when I see it” if life had a bumper sticker for me.

I love…….music, good coffee, fresh papaya with lime, sunshine, the sound of waves, the unknown of a new destination, trying new foods and chapstick. I’m just here for the entertainment, stay awhile!


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