Our Story

This blog was created to share my thoughts and feelings during our attempt to have a baby. I never expected to have an audience bigger than close friends and family but it has now become the place  where I share our life adventures, my love of food and way too many pictures of the girls.

We were married in 2006.

We had a beautiful wedding and a honeymoon in paradise. Two years later we decided to try for a family. We assumed our reproductive organs were so awesome that we would pull the goalie and instantly become pregnant with the perfect baby . However that was not the case. My period came month after month and year after year.

The time came to visit a fertility doctor or other wise known as a reproductive endocrinologist and we started with a natural Intrauterine insemination {IUI} We were shocked when we learned we were pregnant but the joy faded fast and we lost the pregnancy at 6 weeks. After 5 more failed IUI’s, {this time medicated} we ventured into the unknown land of In Vitro Fertilization. It was a long and exhausting process but worth every stressful and emotional second when we found out we were pregnant.

My pregnancy was pretty rough. Three months in they found a tear in my placenta which landed me on early bed rest with constant monitoring by a pregnancy specialist.  After a short stint of freedom from bed rest, I found myself on hospital bed rest in my 5th month for pre term labor. Luckily the wonderful Drs. were able to keep her inside me after feeding me copious amounts of magnesium through an IV. (Magnesium is horrible but it does the job!) I was to continue bed rest at home until I safely reached 36 weeks. That was a long few months.

At the end of it all, I was diagnosed with Pre Eclampsia and induced at 39 weeks. After 30 hours of labor, baby was sunny side up and her heart rate started to drop. I was then prepped for an emergency C-section. The surgery was horribly traumatic as baby got wedged in the birth canal and it took another incision up my abdomen and an insane amount of tugging and pulling to get her out. Unfortunatley babies hand was lacerated during the second incision and she wasn’t breathing when they finally got her out. She was rushed down to the NICU and placed on an ice bed to reduce swelling of the brain and was given emergency hand surgery to stop the bleeding .

I was in recovery for a very long time, in and out of consciousness and fearing the worst. In the end Kaili needed hand surgery to repair a severed tendon but recovered faster than I did and was released to my hospital room within a week.

I have to note that I was very lucky to be in the hospital that I was, they have a very great NICU with an underground passage to Children’s hospital. If I would have delivered anywhere else, this would be a different story.

We had nine frozen embryos in storage and it took a few years but I was finally talked into trying for baby number two.

In November 2013 we transferred one great embryo and 2 weeks later we learned I was pregnant, my beta came back at 798.

This pregnancy was another rough one.  The second trimester  was my honeymoon period and it also coincided with the Seattle Seahawks winning their first Superbowl! By the time the third trimester came it was confirmed that I had placenta Previa and with my uterine scarring from last delivery, I would need to have  C-section 4 weeks early. I was in and out of triage in the last few months with contractions and eventually placed back on hospital bed-rest with another IV of magnesium until my contractions stopped. It was so much harder this time since I was away from Kaili.  Once my contractions calmed down I was sent home and I continued bed rest for a month until my due date came.

I had the same Doctor deliver Averi, she knew exactly what happened to my body the first time and she was the only person I trusted cutting me open again. Even with that my second delivery wasn’t great, I ended up needing two spinals because first one didn’t numb me completely.. The second spinal made my recovery  that much longer which meant I couldn’t see baby A until I was able to move my legs. I watched women roll in and leave for hours before my epidural wore  off, that was hard.

Baby Averi went straight to the NICU with breathing issues, some jaundice and a meconium blockage, all stemming from her early appearance .  This time I was released from the hospital before she was and leaving her there was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. She was released a week later and is now doing great.

We went ahead and donated the rest of our embryos to training and are done having babies. I don’t think I could handle another pregnancy, physically or emotionally, the doctors agreed.

My husband was my strength and gave me the positivity I needed throughout our journey to parenthood. He has taught me so much about myself and the person I want to be. Being a mom is wonderful, it’s what I was alway meant to do and I cherish it everyday!Happy as can be with two beautiful girls.

Kaili in the NICU
Averi in the NICU
Averi in the NICU




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