Dark Thirty

All of the sudden it’s dark after lunch and Thanksgiving is a few days away! To sum up the past month or so, Kaili turned 6 1/2 and lost a tooth. The girls had a great Halloween, we remodeled our bathroom and the adults got away for a few days.

Averi went as Sheriff Callie at school and then Poppy at night. Kaili went as Moana and the wig was off in 5 minutes, followed by the shoes.

IMG_0321IMG_0256IMG_0222 2DSC_0502 2

We decided it was time to reno our bathroom. I do miss the window but I love my new shower, it turned out just as I had enivisioned.


Shane and Wags went up to Seattle to see the Seahawks play the Redskins. That next Monday morning we all met in Arizona at a house we rented through VRBO.


This was my spot for the week if I wasn’t in the pool.


There was plenty to do in the house but since the weather was perfect we spent the majority of the time outside.

Wednesday we went near the stadium for some drinks. The bar was featuring  a meet n greet with Richard Sherman’s parents and Wags met his mom. We had a fun night.


Kaili’s loose tooth waited until I was back home to fall out. That night was anxiety filled and she had a very hard time falling asleep. Loose tooth number two is  getting close, fingers crossed it’s an easier night.


Now it’s time to prep for Thanksgiving while keeping two kids entertained. Wish me luck.


One thought on “Dark Thirty

  1. Loved the toothless one and costumes. Can’t believe those girls are growing up so fast. Glad you had some time off to have some fun. Just heard about Uncle George and I am sad even though I know it was just his time to go. Have a nice holiday season ahead! Love, Aunt Carolyn

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