Moving to First

We spent the the last weekend before school with our neighbors at our annual block party. Snow cones, games, food and even a movie under the stars.  I made too much food considering it was a pot luck but I couldn’t decide on just one dish, hashtag first world problems.

Chrissy Teigen’s roasted jalapeño and chorizo queso is good enough to put in the extra work, try it if you haven’t. I also made this Tomato tart but instead of puff pastry I made a basic pastry crust. This dish was a hit! I also, ahem, made these…The only reason I have a picture is because I made these early in the day, before I was swimming in ingredients minutes before the party started.


Eating, drinking and talking until the sun went down, it was fun to catch up with neighbors we haven’t seen in awhile aside from the casual wave from the car, and having longer convos with the ones we are closer with.


IMG_8631 copy 2.jpgIMG_3168

When the sun went down we played beer pong under the lights while the kids watched Moana projected on to the side of our house.


As the night went on the crowd got smaller and just a few of us capped the night off in front of the fire pit. It was another great day, we are really lucky for all of our great neighbors.

A hot minute later it was time to walk Kaili to school for her first day of first grade.


She got the teacher she hoped for and found out her best friend will be along side her.


She had a successful first day or I should say first week. She is still eager to go on Tuesday. I’d say that is a great start.


One thought on “Moving to First

  1. The block party looks like fun and a good way to get to know neighbors. School has begun and it’s wonderful that Kaili is off to a good start. Your girls are growing up!!

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