This is Three

Averi has been three for a month now, i guess we can agree this post is a taaaad over due.

I really intended on posting about the party JoAnne had for her in Walla Walla. But since I am so behind, let’s do the Cliff notes version.She had a Trolls cake, got a Trolls back pack that she can not wait to take to preschool, and she is obsessive over her “new” blue Hydroflask.


I attempted potty training a few weeks back and that was a big fail. Long story short, she is stubborn. Can she pee in the toilet, yes. But she will do it when she wants to. I am really hoping that she decides she wants to do it all the time, very soon.


Since then we have just been enjoying the amazing weather. We spent a few days playing in Orange county and are currently ending the week in Oxnard. We have been roughing it at the beach and pool everyday. The girls are getting to the age where everything is a little easier. I can watch from the lounge chair instead of hovering over them, it’s a nice change.


The girls and I hit up the Ventura harbor one morning and had ice cream for brunch. For dessert I took them to the arcade/carousel where we played games and Kaili hit some sort of ticket Jackpot and won 1,000 tickets. We brought cheap toys back to the hotel with us, pretty sure the dolls arms are missing and the pegasus wings are gone. But days at the pool and beach are nice, everything we need is within reach, well with a hefty price but….


School starts up here in another week or so, got to soak up every last drop of summer.



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