Wine and more Wine

A few weeks ago we had a winemakers dinner in San Diego with the owner and co-winemaker of Sleight of Hands Cellars.


We had a four course dinner each dish paired pretty darn well with one of their wines. Between each course, the winemaker Jerry would give a brief story on how he came from  the life of a lawyer to wine enthusiast.


At the end of the meal we were chatting with Jerry about how we are wine club members and had a trip to Walla Walla approaching in the next few weeks. He invited us to come in to the winery for a barrel tasting with the other winemaker Trey.

Fast foward to last Friday…IMG_2794IMG_2795IMG_2798IMG_2804

It was a pretty amazing experience and interesting to hear both of the winemakers stories on how their wines are made.

My aunt and uncle from SoCal were able to fly up and join us for a wine weekend, we hit our fair share of wineries. From Lowden to downtown to the airport to Dayton and the Washington/Oregon border.




We had a very good meal at Saffron, a restaurant downtown that we should have gone to long ago.

Grilled octopus, patatas bravas and a grilled NY strip steak, cooked perfectly.



It was a very full and enjoyable weekend. We tried a few new wineries, visited some of our old favorites, had a couple wine varieties for the first time and had a few we didn’t love. We are not going home empty handed.

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