Fourth of July

We spent Independence day in the heart of Walla Walla at Pioneer park. There was food, games and live music, almost seemed like a scene from a movie. Sitting in the shade with popcorn and ice cream we listened to the band and people watched and let me just say, that is one of my favorite things to do.




I had sangria waiting for us in the fridge so when we got back to the house we poured a glass and patio pounded, taking dips in the pool to stay cool. Today has been the hottest one yet.



An unexpected guest showed up. She was overheated, tired and frightened by the random fireworks going off.


Once she had enough water and relaxed a bit I called the humane society, animal control and even the non emergency sheriffs station. They were NO help. She had no tags so I suggested we try to get her in the truck and take her to the humane society ourselves. She happily jumped in the back of the truck but once they were on the road she said “nope”, jumped out and took off running. Averi and I tried to find her but she was long gone. I hope someone found her before the big booms started.



We had smore’s and wine for dessert.




And once the sun started to set, we gave the girls their first sparklers and for the first time in years, let off our own fireworks. It was an enjoyable holiday, a nice change from all the rules in San Diego.



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