Food Trucks

Our first week here in Walla Walla isn’t lacking in things to do. We haven’t been here in the summer in 10 plus years, it’s a nice change from the cold winters. It’s far from cold, the days are hitting the hundred degree mark but in the shade it doesn’t feel that hot.


We spent the day wandering Main street and tasted some wines we have never had and some we have.


If you know the Avester, she is a water hungry fool, but she MUST have ice. So for her birthday she joined the Hydro Flask club and she couldn’t be more excited. Happy birthday girl.


The first Monday of each month in the summer is food truck night. I am not one to be blown away by the food from trucks but some people sure are. Held at the incubators by the airport, I was impressed by the turnout. The incubators hold three wineries, a brewery and a distillery that weren’t lacking in customers that evening.


We ate, drank and talked the night away .It doesn’t get dark until 9 pm up here so the girls are staying up way past their normal bedtime these days.






3 thoughts on “Food Trucks

  1. Looks like fun! I have a whole bunch of Walla Walla posts scheduled for this month… if you are looking for a fab dinner try Brasserie Four! We just loved our experience there. Seven Hills is my favorite Winery in town and L’Ecole is my favorite just outside. Hope you have fun!

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