Final Leg

The one day we were in no rush to get on the road was the one day the girls were up before 6:00, never fails. They through a wrench in our lunch plans since Full Sail brewery didn’t open for lunch until 11:00 and we were only an hour or so away…. After a light breakfast we packed up and made our way to Washington. Since time was on our side we made a few stops to take in some of the historical sights.

Multnomah Falls


Bridge of the Gods and the Columbia river


Maryhill Stonehenge


This was an interesting find. It’s an almost exact full scale replica of the ancient structure that is in England, which we failed to see when we were across the pond. Just a few miles off of the highway lies this memorial that sits over the bluffs of the river.


I won’t bore you with historical facts but in a nutshell On July 4, 1918 this structure of stone was dedicated with a plaque that reads:”To the memory of the soldiers and sailors of Klickitat County who gave their lives in defense of their country. This monument is erected in hope that others inspired by the example of their valor and their heroism may share in that love of liberty and burn with that fire of patriotism which death alone can quench.”

“Stonehenge Memorial was completed in 1929 and re-dedicated on Memorial Day of that year, when 14 local service men were honored by having their names placed on the pillars of the Memorial.”

We putzed around, took some pictures and then headed back down the hill.


At the bottom lies a cozy little log cabin that doubled as a tasting room.


Waving Tree winery had a sufficient library of wines which were actually quite good. I don’t know why I was surprised with how much we liked them, but I was.


Once we finished our last sip we hopped back in the truck to finish our way to Walla Walla. However we had a few stops to make first. Zerba winery in Milton Freewater is a favorite that we don’t get to enough. We grabbed a couple of bottles and then we went to the one and only Iceberg for lunch. The girls were excited to see Grandma and Grandpa and I was especially happy to be done with the car for awhile.


One thought on “Final Leg

  1. Enjoyed the travelogue! Interesting area and places to stop and see. Have a good visit.

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