Out the Door

Kaili and I got home from swim lessons around 12:30 and then we were all out the door, final destination Walla Walla. Fearing our worst traffic would be in LA we were surprised when we cruised right through. We had great music and Averi even fell asleep.


Then…..the inevitable happened. A big rig went off the highway on the way up the Grapevine and traffic was at a dead stop, putting us way behind schedule. Our plan was to stop for the night in Sausalito, just north of San Fran. We decided to stick with our plan and we tucked in for the rest of the evening grabbing a gourmet gas station dinner for the road.


We made it into the city right as the sun was setting.


Once we were all checked in, it was way past the girls bedtime. Kaili slept with me so needless to say with all her limbs  nudging me throughout the night, I didn’t sleep well.

After a tired and tasteless hotel breakfast we continued our way up the coast. It was my idea to take highway 1 all the way up since it has been years since we’ve done that drive. The last time was in the Fall, so I thought having the daylight later into the evening it would allow us more time to see sights. Turns out most of highway 1 has construction going on, lending to many detours and traffic stops.

The day started out well, we were making good time.


We stopped for lunch in Fort Bragg, food wasn’t great and Averi was a hot mess. It was not very enjoyable. Turns out this area was used in the film Overboard. I have seen that movie a hundred times and would never have realized it, so there is my movie knowledge.


If I would have known what lied ahead in terms of traffic, we would have skipped lunch all together.

Then there was a shimmer of hope. We ran into  Pacific Star winery nestled right on the Mendocino coast.


It was a nice break from the car with amazing views.


It wasn’t long after being back on the road that we started hitting all the road construction traffic and with that we realized we wouldn’t be hitting our destination at the time we were hoping to.


We also had zero cel service 90% of the time. This made trying to get a hotel reservation on the road pretty difficult. We decided to  push on to Oregon and stay at a hotel on the coast that we had been to before. Luckily, they had a room available and we made it before the sun went down.


After check in, we hopped across the street for dinner, made it back to the room and got the girls bathed and in bed by 9:00.

Tomorrow we plan on only being in the car half of the day, fingers are crossed.

One thought on “Out the Door

  1. The hazards of travel nowadays. Glad you made it and had a good time at your destination.

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